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intracytoplasmic sperm an egg is fertilized by microinjection of injection icsi a single sperm for defects in sperm count or motility treatment of infertility in the female tubal oculsion assisted reproductive technologies art in vitro fertilization ivf gamete intrafallopian transfer gift zygote intrafallopian transfer zift tubal surgery treatment of infertility in the female ovulation disorders ovulation induction by clomid, gnrh endometriosis drug treatment danazol surgery therapy ovulation inducers clomiphene hmg bromocriptine gnrh ovarian drilling rate of ovulation 80 90 90 80 70-80 pregnancy 40 70-80 70-80 50-80 45-60 clomiphene citrate clomid, serophene non-steroid synthetic anti-estrogen tricks the pituitary into producing more follicular stimulating hormone fsh and luteinizing hormone lh safest cheapest bromocriptine parlodel dopamine agonist that inhibits prolactin release hmg pergonal fsh lh, risky more side effects, very expensive purified fsh metrodin hcg gnrh agonists buserlin, lupron psychological factors shame guilt stages of grief facilitate communication listen support groups priority nursing diagnosis compromised family coping knowledge deficit anxiety situational low self-esteem in vitro fertilization ivf united states 1 in 80-100 births now ivf conceptions; 100,000 ivf cycles; 48,000 births 1 once mature, the eggs are suctioned from the ovaries and 2 placed in a laboratory culture dish with the man s sperm for fertilization.

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